Past Lives and Present Relationships

          A client came to me today and told me about a couple of relationships with women that he came close to committing himself to, but they got scared of the commitment.  He wondered if there was a past life issue causing this to happen.  He also told me he was in a relationship with a woman who is very pleasant and easy going.
          The first life time he experienced was on a ranch in Montana in 1846.  He was the owner of the cattle and lived a very simple life close to nature. He also had a warm loving wife which he was very passionate and connected to.  His wife was stable and dependable, but there weren’t any children.  He lived to be 78 years old although his wife died at 46 years of pneumonia.  He felt lonely after her death and never remarried.  The spirit of his wife in that life time was a woman in this life who wouldn’t commit to him because she didn’t want him to take care of her in this life like he did in that life.  His lesson in that life was that happiness came with simplicity and nature.
          The next life time was in New York City around 1910.  He was a banker and met his present girlfriend in that life in a church choir.  He died at 48 of a heart attack due to his obsession with money in which he thought would bring him happiness.  He never married his girlfriend in that life although he remained friends with her for many years.  The lesson in that life was about friendship, relationships, and his greed for money that never brought him happiness.  Even though he had one good friendship in that life, he missed having relationships with other people.
          The last life time my client experienced was in the 1700s in France in which he was lovers with a former girlfriend who was married to him in that life.  They had a very happy life together.  He was a female in that life and his former girlfriend was a male.  He died in a boating accident on a freighter from France to England in his early 20s.  The former girlfriend in this life couldn’t commit to him in this life for fear of losing him again like she did in that life.  His lesson in that life was about being free spirited and to be in touch with the intuitive side of life. 
          My client learned that there’s a reason why the relationships with these former girlfriends that he loved didn’t work out.  He also realized certain lessons that he learned from former lifetimes like money won’t buy happiness and enjoying nature and simplicity in life.  Relationships with people are so complex and family relationships tell us that blood is thicker than water, but spiritual relationships are thicker than blood.


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