A Step Back in Time

A client came to me recently who wanted to know more about him self by remembering his past lifetimes.  He was able to remember three of them including one as a famous woman.  He remembered a lifetime as Mary Queen of Scots, another one as a Native American female, and one in Egypt around 2,000 B.C.  He said he didn’t know anything about Mary Queen of Scots for he had not read much about her.
            As Mary Queen of Scots, he remembered getting executed by an ax that decapitated her head.  He also remembered a man named James whom she married and said he had a friend with the same name that was that person in his current life.  He remembered her life with the French King and then returning to Scotland to marry her cousin.  Then he remembered having a son in that life.  He said his lesson in that life was to be careful for people in power might be after you and to use your heart as your guide.  As a Native American female, she lived in the wilderness in the 1600s.  He said she was burned to death when the forest burned.  The lesson in that life was to love, embrace the unknown, humbleness, forgiveness, and not to hold a grudge.  He said that was his last previous lifetime.  Another past life memory was living in Egypt around 2,000 B.C. in which he was a male.  He said extraterrestrials helped to build the pyramids and gave us knowledge.  It was a happy lifetime for him and he died at 150 years old.  He said he learned to love in that life and not to find greed and power.
            Another thing my client recalled during his regression is contact with extraterrestrials.  He says there have been dark spirits influencing life on earth and in his past life as Mary Queen of Scotts he was influenced by dark spirits.  He says that he had contact with his spirit guide at the age 5 who is a knight.  He also recalled that the spirits have told him that after the year 2012, there will be an end to the influence of dark spirits on earth and the light energies will help humans to evolve and find peace on earth.
            We can learn a lot from history.  Death of the body isn’t the end of life.  Death can be painful, but it can also be a blessing and the end to suffering.  We learn lessons as our soul evolves through lifetimes.  My client knew very little about Mary Queen of Scots and what he recalled was very historically accurate.  We can also recognize our soul mates as people we know in this life.  Now that more people are finally recognizing that there’s a possibility of life on other planets, they realize there’s a possibility of their influence on human consciousness and the history of mankind.  Much of this is being realized through dreams and the subconscious like in this session with this client.


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